Showcase Suite One at Smash Studios is the largest fully equipped Showcase/Rehearsal studio in Manhattan (NYC). The Suite is 65 feet deep by 26 feet wide offering a huge space for large format bands, touring/performing artists, audiences of up to 65 people, full stage, large wood floored area in front of stage for dancers, and comfortable couches at the far end. Showcase One features a vast pro back line with 8 guitar amps, two keyboards, Pro-Yamaha Drums, Steinway Piano (additional charge), and a festival quality PA with both stage and audience mains as well as 5 separate monitor mixes. Featured in numerous TV & Film productions including MTV’s “Making The Band” and used by some of the most famous musicians in the world, Showcase Suite One at Smash offers all facets of the music/entertainment industries a fantastic space/venue to perform. Smash’s Professional staff is ready to assist in your session by simply picking up the dedicated direct-dial phone in any studio.

SUITE Features:

Full Stage
Pro Backline
Venue Level PA
4 Stage Monitor Mixes
Pro-Sennheiser Mics
Acoustically Designed
Sounds Isolated
Floated Floor
Iso Ground Receptacles
Natural Light with Curtains
Front wall of mirrors
Concert lighting
Wood Performance Floor on Stage
Up To 15 Audience
2 Track Live Digital Recording
Wireless Sennheiser Mics (additional charges apply)
Wireless Sennheiser In-Ear Montors (additional charges apply)
Dedicated Phone In All Studios For Direct-Dial To Front Office Assistance
Air Conditioned


  • Allen & Heath GL2200 dual-function console
  • Furman M-8L pwr cond. (x2)
  • dbx Drive RackPA; Klark-Teknik DN780 Digital Reverb
  • Digital Delay Systems RDS-1900
  • Sony DPS-D7 digital delay
  • Rane ME-15 EQ
  • Crown XLS1002 amp (x2)
  • Samson SX-3200; Behringer Pro-XL Audio Interactive
  • BurnIt HHB CDR-830 Compact Disc Recorder
  • D.A.S. mains (x2)
  • QSC K-series monitors (x3)
  • Turbo series monitor (x1)
  • Sennheisere865 (x4)
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Caliber DC5
  • Roland JCM-120
  • Orange CR120 (2x12)
  • Fender Tremelox (2x12)
  • Marshall JCM 900 (4x12)
  • Rastop RDM07 combo
  • Fender Twin Reverb
  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (4x12)
  • Line 6 Flex-tone 3 combo
  • Budda Verb Master 30 combo
  • Hartke HA5500 - 500W; (2x4x10)
  • Hartke KM200
  • Yamaha ES8 Motif
  • Roland Juno DI
  • Yamaha 30th Anniversary RC Edition (22” bass, 10” rack, 12” rack, 13” rack,14” rack
  • 16” floor tom
  • 14” snare)
  • 14” Paiste Alpha Metal-Edge Hi-hats
  • 16” Sabian HHX Evolution Extreme Crash
  • 18” Sabian HHX Evolution Extreme Crash
  • 21” Paiste Alpha Groove Ride

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Address: 307 West 36th Street (Between 8th and 9th Avenues) – 18th Floor – New York, NY 10018


Smash Studios is a unique Pre & Post Production Facility offering Recording Studios, Showcase Suites, Rehearsal Studios, Film & TV Production/Editing, and Studios for professional entertainers, record labels, and aspiring artists. In 2012 Smash launched Smash Live, a full featured music rental division. We look forward to providing the finest services to our clientele for years to come.


Smash Studios Recording has proudly provided top professional audio recording and mixing services to the music, film, and advertising industries for over 25 years.

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EVENT SPACE AT SMASH STUDIOS Featured on numerous TV shows including MTV’s “Making the Band“, Voted “The Best Studio In New York” by the Village Voice, named “Best of the East” by Mix Magazine.


Smash Studios Has Been Offering Professional Services To The Entertainment Industries For Over 25 Years. Based In The Heart Of Manhattan, Smash's 10,000 Square Feet Offer A Wide Variety Of Opportunities From Scoring And Sound Design To Filming And Film Editing.


Smash Studios has been providing top quality production services to the music industry for over 25 years. Offering only the best equipment in the industry, Smash has built it's reputation on professionalism, great gear, and making the customer it's priority.
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