Here at Smash Studios, we provide top tier audio and video editing for television and radio advertisements. We employ a unique, open and goal-oriented approach to developing projects with all our partners. Our writers and producers can provide all of the creative blueprints needed – from narrative scripting, to copywriting, to show formatting. Our diverse network of creative artists and technicians custom build teams for each individual project, and our partners work closely with the directors and photographers to finalize every detail. From music videos to television ads, our arsenal of professional equipment and expertise enable us to deliver quality results for your production needs.

  • Creative environments for all facets of production
  • Large and small studios
  • Soundproof studios
  • Green screen
  • Numerous back drops
  • Natural light
  • Rooftop
  • Wood and carpeted floors
  • Screening room
  • Equipment and lighting available
  • Sound systems included in all studios at no additional charge
  • Lounges and holding rooms
  • Professional audio recording
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